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New FTC “Click to Cancel” Rule Would Apply to SaaS Subscriptions

A new FTC “Click to Cancel” Rule would amend the FTC’s existing Negative Option Rule to specifically apply to subscriptions and memberships.  A copy of the FTC notice of proposal is linked here.  If enacted, SaaS companies with a consumer-facing customer base are likely to find themselves subject to more FTC scrutiny on the issue of […]

FTC Complaint Alleges Annual Paid Subscription Contract Violates Federal Law

If your SaaS company is relying on an annual paid monthly subscription model with its consumers, the FTC has put you on notice that it believes such plans violate federal law. The FTC has just filed a complaint against Adobe over its “Annual Paid Monthly” subscription contract.   A copy of the FTC complaint is attached […]

The Prinz Law Office Launches New Subscription Plan

The Prinz Law Office is pleased to announce the launch of a new subscription plan, which is intended to simplify the process of working with a lawyer for companies as well as individuals.  The firm’s subscription plans have been been designed to uniquely enable clients to hire and communicate with counsel without the fear or […]

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